Let’s Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Let’s visit the Golden Gate Bridge! Today our class visited different places In the world. Well, not really.  I will tell you what really happened. We got to visit on these little screens called Virtual Reality Views. Virtual reality viewers are goggles with screens, Mrs. Yollis held an iPad and took us different places!

Photo by Google Earth

My favorite was the Golden Gate Bridge which is 1,280 meters long! Wow, that Is really long. It was done In 1937. It held that record until 1964 when New York created a longer one. Does anyone know what that bridge is? Please tell me in my comment section. The bridge formed two towers that rose out of the water. They were 746 feet (227 meters) long. So I hope you have stuffed your brain with facts about the Golden Gate bridge.

Tell me If you have ever visited the Golden Gate Bridge

If so were you going to San Fransisco Or leaving? 

Have you ever driven over the bridge?

One thought on “Let’s Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Hi, Page!

    That is a magnificent blog post on the Golden Gate Bridge! I researched the Liberty Bell. Using Virtual Reality Views is really fun to use, and you can go to any place you want.

    I have not been to the Golden Gate Bridge but with the help of Virtual Reality Views, I have been there. I have never driven over the Golden Gate Bridge because I have never been to San Fransisco. It does sound fun though!

    Bye for now,
    Veronica Pink

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